Finance CRM Solutions

CRM solutions in the finance industry are different. Because they don’t work on standard direct exchange aka ‘pay-for product’ or ‘pay-for-services’, they require more complex solutions. Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and funds – all of them function as stewards of customers’ assets, and, thus, should optimize each internal operation and demonstrate super-efficient performance in order to meet clients needs and exceed their expectations.

At first glance, CRMs used by financial institutions looks similar to the traditional one – it allows the companies to manage and build relationships via different organizational tools, contact and account databases, automated workflows, etc. But if to look deeper, it is getting obvious that financial services demand specific customization. Because of the focus on streamlining key financial operations and tough integration with client data CRM software is considered to be a perfect solution for the companies operating in the finance industry.

What Do You Get With A Sophisticatedly Implemented CRM?

For the last few years CRM solutions have been positioning as an investment. Indeed, along with assistance in workflow simplification, it allows companies to:

  • optimize business processes without affecting performance
  • increase productivity due to the smart utilization of opportunity cycle
  • hold high-value customers and attract new ones.

According to the researches, the companies that started using CRM solutions, experienced the growth of their profits up to 20% in the next year without doing any other strategic movements.

Today CRM solutions are used as company-wide solutions or from-top-to-bottom utilities. They are normally used not only by upper management but also by branch representatives, advisors, consultants, and support agents. These systems are considered to be more and more valuable because of their ability to be customized according to different levels of access (in company’s hierarchy) and different workflows.

Best CRM Solutions  So Far

CRM Solutions for FinTech Gravum ImageSalesforce

Salesforce is known as the world’s leading customer relationship management platform. It is used by over 150 000 companies and its popularity grows every day. The main reason for this is quite a straightforward interface and an impressive set of features. Along with easy logging, it allows users to manage and analyze all client activity in one place. It also combines sales monitoring, web analytics, channel marketing, and a ticketing system.


Another robust CRM, well-known among finance sector representatives. It provides sales automation, marketing campaigns builder, collaboration tools, and customer support system. Within SugarCRM, you can apply a variety of filters to the reports and share them to specific groups of users. There is also a mobile version of the platform.


One of the eldest and most respectful CRMs, initially designed in 2003. It is a perfect choice for companies that deal with a plethora of different kinds of payments. Redtail is good for both experienced in CRM and newbie users featuring intuitive UI, automated workflows and integrations galore.


Following modern trends, Pipedrive calls itself an agile CRM software. And it really is. It organizes leads/sales and all the finance processes in such a way that tracking looks as simple as possible. Both with analyzing profit and optimizing expenses it is able to even predict sales revenue (available on advanced statistics dashboard). The platform is quite easy to customize for banking, mortgage, leasing, credit, insurance and other financial services.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is great for small and middle-sized companies which operate in the finance sector. It provides all the necessary management and customer support tools, combining sales, marketing, inventory management, collaboration, and interaction into a single business ecosystem.

Modern Trends – What to Look For?


To manage customer experience and to improve it at the same time is the desired solution for many investments, retail, and corporate banks. Well-customized CRM helps not only to manage a unified customer database but also to handle internal and client-side communication via omnichannel. In general, it is able to control the whole development and operational cycle of the financial institution.


When it comes to the development and maintenance of various customer experiences, skillfully implemented CRM is what an insurance company needs the most. Did you know that an ability to interact in real-time through convenient channels (including mobile) is one of the most valuable features according to client-insurers surveys? Another thing to look at is fast and efficient claim resolution which becomes possible due to utilizing business processes, different workflows, client requests view, and prioritization.

Wealth Management

If you are interested in business process acceleration and services optimization, you are on the right way. A CRM designed for financial advisors provides all the tools you need starting with client onboarding tracking and lead management and ending with real-time macro and micro views for gathering the most precise and consistent analytics. Support of 3rd party apps integrations gives an opportunity to see the whole picture, present more suitable products, and make better decisions.


Although many COOs and CFOs believe it is possible to install finance CRM and start using it without any adjustments and programming, it is not true. Especially, when it comes to the finance industry, where a lot of sensitive data (personal information, card details, credentials, etc) involved. You can not allow any mistake or incorrect behavior to be present. That’s why it is so important to engage professionals in the process of integrating CRM with the company database.

CRM experts from Gravum are experienced in CRM implementation to organizations working in the finance sector. If you are interested in fast and high-quality assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and specify your request.