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CRM Solutions For Finance: Ideas, Trends, And Prospects

Finance CRM Solutions

CRM solutions in the finance industry are different. Because they don’t work on standard direct exchange aka ‘pay-for product’ or ‘pay-for-services’, they require more complex solutions. Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and funds – all of them function as stewards of customers’ assets, and, thus, should optimize each internal operation…

Best Video Conferencing Software for 2020

video conferencing software

Just recently, remote communication through video conferencing software has become increasingly relevant. In particular, due to the global quarantine situation, which has been prolonged for an indefinite period. Indeed, right now, it is utterly important to have an efficient way to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, employees, and…

How To Become A Web Developer: 3 Steps To Begin With

become a web developer

As the Internet turns into a fancy place to spend time in, more and more talents want to become a web developer. The thing is, web development is not just about writing markup for web pages anymore. The modern web technology stack consists of multiple frameworks (both front-end and back-end),…

Top 8 Software Development Companies in Ukraine

Top 8 Software Development Companies in Ukraine

The fast-paced digitization and software development process has provided a ground for the creation and successful operation of multiple software development companies across the world. Every month, hundreds of new companies register worldwide intending to provide custom software development services that may re-shape the digital strategies of many renowned brands….

Top Scanner Software Solutions – OCR

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software used to be unreliable because of missed or misinterpreted letters and symbols. Now the technology has made a major step forward. Scanner software can recognize symbols flawlessly, thus making OCR reliable, convenient, and still very necessary for many professions like financiers, lawyers, accountants, or even…

5 Signs That Your Company Needs OCR Software

5 Signs That Your Company Needs OCR Software

Most companies are slowly starting to forget what paper is. There are just too many affordable digital temptations that simplify business with a press of a button. However, even though everybody has and uses a computer, we can guarantee that OCR software is still yet to come to every modern…