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When it comes to software development outsourcing, it’s always a choice between the dedicated development team and fixed-price projects. Picking the suitable software outsourcing model is vital to your product success. What are the projects dedicated team is the most efficient for? What are the possible pitfalls of this approach? We’ve worked with different outsourcing models here at Gravum and want to provide you with insights into this topic. Let’s dig in.

Dedicated Team Model Advantages

Opting for the dedicated development team means the following outsourcing aspects

  • You hire full-time. One or several developers will devote all their energy to your project;
  • No fixed budget. There are no agreements on how much exactly are you going to spend on the task because this approach is monthly-payment based.

Taking this into account, let’s dive into dedicated team approach strengths.

Profound Project Understanding and Developer Focus

This outsourcing model is all about, well, dedication. With that said, the dedicated team will entirely focus on your objectives, which makes a profound understanding of your vision a matter of time. Therefore, hiring a whole team committed to your project is essential when you need developers to have deep knowledge and understanding of your business specifics.

Dedicated development team Gravum photoFull Control Of The Process

Compared to the fixed-price outsourcing solutions, outsourcing team works closely with you and reports the progress on a daily basis. What is more crucial, you gain full control of the situation. It means you can manage the software development process yourself, change tasks and priorities.

The dedicated team model is perfect for the development projects seeking ultimate transparency and control. If you need those, consider a dedicated developer team as your primary outsourcing services approach.

Development Flexibility: Distribute Development Powers Where You Need Them

Involving a development team in your project means obtaining the time of experts. It brings you immense dev capabilities. For instance, If you have your own dev team and dedicated outsourcing team is only the extension to it, this is a great opportunity to reduce the load on your people by assigning complex tasks to the dedicated developers.

Furthermore, you secure your high performance and cost-effectiveness by letting the experts complete difficult tasks. This ensures development stability and high efficiency.

Impressive Scalability: Change Requirements As You Grow

One of the most burning problems of the fixed-price outsourcing model is its inability to scale. You define strict requirements, deadlines, and budget at the very beginning of the cooperation. Changing these terms is often quite impossible unless you are ready to pay double. This is where outsourcing team comes in handy.

Dedicated development team Gravum photoMonthly-payment approach means your developers will do as you command for as long as you can continue paying for their services. It is very beneficial in the following cases:

  • You work in the volatile market sector. If your project needs constant pivots and modifications, opt for the dedicated developer team;
  • You lead a startup project. Our experts at Gravum understand that one can hardly predict the agile startup future. With that said, being ready to drastically change the rules is a must.

Taking this into account, the outsourcing development team solution is often a perfect solution for medium-sized and large enterprises with long-lasting projects and tasks. This solution is also a life-saver for agile projects.

Dedicated Team Model Pitfalls

Every outsourcing approach has its weaknesses, and this one isn’t an exception. Here are the drawbacks of dedicated developer teams you should keep in mind:

  • Inefficiency for small-sized projects. This approach is more expensive than fixed-price one in the scope of the small tasks. You shouldn’t go for the whole dedicated team if your project requirements and deadlines are defined. The fixed-price solution is much more cost-effective in this case;
  • Hiring and management take time. Outsourcing team model implies that you spend time choosing the most suitable team for you. It’s a rather lengthy process compared to swift fixed-price solution.

The Bottom Line

Software outsourcing process is convenient and sophisticated at the same time. It takes profound knowledge and experience to decide on a suitable model and make your project the most cost-effective possible.

If you need professional assistance in the software development, reach out to our experts at Gravum. We have extensive expertise in the software development outsourcing scope and are always ready to deliver quality solutions. Opt for Gravum dedicated development team, make a decisive step towards your project success.