Java Development Outsourcing: 5 Providers in Eastern Europe

Java development outsourcing is a common thing among the U.S., UK, and German companies. When it comes to Java development most employers believe they could easily find a team for their project. First, because this programming language is widely used, and, second, because there are a lot of developers in Europe and Asia who can deliver a good product for a good price.

Well, Java is not as popular as JavaScript and Python today. And it is not such a simple task to locate the developers who are skilled, committed, and rather affordable compared to the U.S. IT market.

 When they are looking for an offshore team for an affordable price they normally have a glance at the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Below you may find five software development companies based in these regions that provide Java development outsourcing and have deserved a 5-star reputation.

Gravum from Ukraine

Ukraine is known for high-quality services, talented engineers, a convenient business environment, and flexible pricing. The IT market in Ukraine has been evolving dramatically for the last decade. It has become a capacious hub both for the giants from Silicon Valley and a plethora of start-ups coming from the different parts of the world. There are about 200,000 IT professionals here, including 28,000 Java experts. Most of them are based in the five biggest Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, and Odesa.

Gravum is one of the most experienced Ukrainian IT companies that has been providing outsourced software development since the early 2000s. The company specializes in fast, scalable, and secure solutions from the idea, scratch, or re-engineering legacy platforms. Gravum has been utilizing Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) which is one of the most popular platforms that provides a runtime and API environment for enterprise software development. Gravum team also has significant experience in creating Java-based frameworks for banking, education, healthcare, and e-commerce web applications.

Future Processing from Poland

Bloomberg called Poland one of the most innovative countries in Europe. It is attractive for investors because of the governmental support of IT business, taxes, and clear legal system. There are a lot of Polish IT companies in Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, and other cities with a total number of 255,000 IT professionals. 46,000 Java developers are here at customers’ disposal.

Future Processing is one of the most respectful offshore software development providers. It focuses on Java, PHP, Microsoft technologies, and iOS/Android development. Within the company’s portfolio, you may find such solutions as a Java-based platform that manages real estate orders for Ista, a Java-coded application for Alderbrooke powered with an advanced engine, desktop software for Trapeze Group UK which controls dozens of thousands of routine tasks and processes.

SoftTeco from Belarus

Another outsourcing destination that’s getting more and more popular among investors from the U.S. and Western Europe is Belarus. Although it has a smaller population and autocratic regime, the country is known for the special tax rates for IT companies. As a result, the number of software developers in Belarus reached almost 49,000 with approximately 10,000 Java experts.

SoftTeco was founded 10 years ago as a promising start-up focused on mobile development. But today it is a full-cycle software development company with over 200 skilled engineers, who specialize in web and iOS/Android development, QA, and other software engineering-related services. SoftTeco has successfully released a platform for healthcare company ThicketLabs, mobile-payment solutions for SADAD, and an e-payment projects for RAY.

Java Development Outsourcing: 5 Providers in Eastern Europe PhotoPulilab from Hungary

Hungary was one of the first countries in Central Europe which offered IT outsourcing to the big western software companies. Since 1985 it exported thousands of solutions to the U.S., Canada, UK, and Germany. Hungary’s location and comfortable business environment make the country very attractive to investors. However, it experiences a lack of talented engineers, compared to Poland and Ukraine. As of 2019, there are only 13 000 Java-coders in the country. Another disadvantage is about developers’ rate – it is higher than set colleagues from the countries mentioned above.

One of the IT worth-to-mention Hungarian offshore providers is Pulilab. Although this is quite a small company with < 50 employees staff they became well-known thanks to implementing innovative technologies. For instance, Pulilab took a big part in creating the Telebond app, a kind of communication platform. With the help of Java and the Dropwizard framework, Hungarian guys prepared an API for the frontend. This team is also known for Java-coding on

Gifie, an engine that is able to generate a gif from the taken pictures in a few seconds and then upload it sequence in high-quality dimensions to the website or social media.

Upnetix from Bulgaria

IT market in Bulgaria is rather small, compared to Ukraine. This country provides about 14000 Java programmers, however, there are a small number of seniors. Most developers are based in Sofia, Varna, and Burgas.

One of the software development companies that have a huge experience in outsourcing Java-based projects is Upnetix.  Its staff is represented by 120 engineers working on different projects in healthcare, transporting, telecommunications etc.


Being competent, enthusiastic, English-proficient, and “affordable”, developers from Eastern Europe are a perfect choice to create long-term partnerships and take all the benefits from the offshore model. More and more companies from the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, and other western countries consider outsourcing Java development services to Ukraine, Poland, and their neighbors. In the end, rates, reputation, portfolio, and recommendations talk themselves.