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What are Route Guards, Pre-loads and Lazy-loading in Angular?

What are Route Guards, Pre-loads and Lazy-loading in Angular?

Angular comes with a bunch of inbuilt features, which can be used fully to provide authentication, boost your application’s page, loading speed, etc. In this blog, we will be going to cover few angular components which will help you in improving user experience by enhancing the bootstrap and startup process….

3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Java Development Consulting

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Java development consulting gains relevance in the IT-market nowadays. The thing is, Java – as the software development technology – is exceedingly popular amongst the developers. Projects you can build with Java include but are not limited to the following: Android apps; Web application back-end; Scientific software; Software tools. This…

Why You Should Outsource Java Development

IT-companies outsource Java development more and more. While the in-house Java development team may be a robust solution for long-term projects, it’s sometimes inefficient in terms of time- and cost-effectiveness. Let’s discover the reasons to lean towards custom software development services and figure out how to choose the best outsourcing…

PHP VS Node.js Development Services: What To Choose?

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Both Node.js development services and PHP are used as server-side programming languages. First is known as a quite simple scripting language. Second one function mostly an environment which allows running JavaScript within it. PHP went alive in 1994 and became the top language of the Web 1.0 epoch. Thanks to…

Java Development Outsourcing: 5 Providers in Eastern Europe

Java Development Outsourcing: 5 Providers in Eastern Europe

Java development outsourcing is a common thing among the U.S., UK, and German companies. When it comes to Java development most employers believe they could easily find a team for their project. First, because this programming language is widely used, and, second, because there are a lot of developers in…

Which Front-End Technology Is the Best for Your Project in 2019?

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In 2019, software development outsourcing is as diverse and dynamic as ever. If you want your project to be a success, you have to keep up the pace. One of the key points of a successful development is front-end technology. There are many high-quality frameworks to choose from. This article…

Java VS Kotlin: What Are the Key Differences Between Them?

Java VS Kotlin

Most mobile app developers prefer one of the oldest programming languages out there – Java. For more than 10 years, this language was a king of Android apps, because this platform was also created with the help of Java. However, today the unquestionable leadership of Java is being challenged since…