Hiring Software Engineering Companies from Eastern Europe

What is the principal challenge for the employer in any kind of business? CEOs may vary but huge odds are that most of them will mention a headache they have when they search for skillful personnel that can produce high-quality output without making a hole in the company’s budget. The IT industry isn’t greatly different from other walks of life in this overarching goal, yet it has a significant edge over most of them – it is remarkably susceptible to opting for a remote workforce model that can satisfy both the qualification and the expenditure requirement. 

Outsourcing software development is a conventional approach practiced by many enterprises. Today, this nascent trend has turned into a mainstream pattern. The reason for such a transformation is two-fold.

Firstly, the demand for software products in North America and Western Europe is experiencing a rapid growth that outpaces the increment of the number of local software developers.

Secondly, the available vernacular experts can be hired for a pretty penny. The reluctance of companies to pay through the nose has been exacerbated by the pandemic that is still raging all over the globe putting a desperate strain on companies’ budgets.

Thus, resorting to software development outsourcing services seems to have no viable alternative in the COVID-ridden world. The crucial choice that business owners are to make boils down to selecting the region, where such services are provided at an adequate level. Multiple reasons testify to the assumption that if you partner with a software engineering company in Eastern Europe you are sure to have the best quality/price ratio as well as other pleasant amenities to boot. 

Software Engineering Companies from Eastern Europe: Discovering the Boons

The choice of a software developer is to a great extent conditioned by the price they will charge for their services. Outsourcers hailing from South Asia, China, Latin America, and Eastern Europe have comparable hourly rates for developing a product, so managers should consider other reasons why opting for a developer from this or that region is worthwhile. These “other reasons” indicate that Eastern Europe is an excellent choice for Western customers.

1. The IT Market on the Rise

Being still behind the major-league IT players, Eastern Europe can boast of rapid progress in the industry manifesting astounding figures of annual IT market increase – from 8% in Poland to 20% in Ukraine. Local companies invest in facilities improvement, personnel training, and R&D endeavor. Tech talks and workshops are held regularly where experts can share best practices and bolster their proficiency. An important summand of the IT market surge is the support of both national and local governments that provide favorable tax regimes and adopt digital support strategies aimed at encouraging the growth of the sector.

2. A Large Pool of Experts in the Field

The previous aspect is directly related to this one. To partner with software engineering companies in Eastern Europe means to get access to a considerable bank of savvy experts that, according to some estimates, totals around 1 million developers in the whole region. A quarter of them hail from Poland, 160 thousand – from Ukraine, with Romania and the Czech Republic not much behind. These countries are proud of the level of skills taught at their technical and engineering universities that annually supply a fair number of young specialists to the ever-expanding market.

3. Favorable Geography

Being able to meet the team, personally check the progress on the spot, get mutual feedback is essential for the success of any project. The Eastern European time zone presupposes being just one or two hours away from major European capitals (Berlin, London, or Paris) and thus almost a 7-hour overlap in the working day. The time difference with North America is more significant (from 7 to 10 hours), yet it is on par with China and South Asia – the other well-established outsourcing areas. Another pleasant perk is the visa-free regime the countries of the region have with Western Europe and the USA.

4. Cultural Kinship

It is a matter of common knowledge that developers from India are prone to overpromise to clients and hardly suggest alternative ways of completing the task or give ideas as to the improvement of the product. Software engineering companies from Eastern Europe are closer to western work ethic and approach to relations with customers, so business people from the USA and Western Europe will feel almost no cultural difference in communicating with them.

Besides, according to the English Proficiency Index, in countries of the region (unlike those in South America or China) people have an adequate command of English. This level is even higher for employees in the IT sphere so clients will face no communication barrier while dealing with them.


Outsourcing is a widely pursued approach in the IT industry. By hiring a software developer from Ukraine, Poland, or Romania you are sure to enlist the services of an expert team with a cognate mindset located at a stone’s throw from you that will deliver a Western European-quality product at an Eastern European price.