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Java development consulting gains relevance in the IT-market nowadays. The thing is, Java – as the software development technology – is exceedingly popular amongst the developers. Projects you can build with Java include but are not limited to the following:

  • Android apps;
  • Web application back-end;
  • Scientific software;
  • Software tools.

This means Java is an outstanding technology for creating a broad range of software products. However, there are always two sides to the coin. Immense Java popularity introduces myriads of Java development frameworks, libraries, and packages.

Now, while it enhances Java apps development, beginners and even intermediate-skilled developers often get confused by such a diversity of tools. This leads to the wrong technology choice and, therefore, to the inefficient software development process. This is where technology consulting enters the scene.

Let’s figure out 3 reasons how companies can benefit from technology consulting. We’ll also cover the aspects you should keep in mind while selecting Java web services.

1. Development Cycle Acceleration: Obtain A Ready-Made Strategy

When it comes to software development planning, the process may take a while. Here’s the kicker: a robust strategy for product development is usually sophisticated and complex. Fortunately, with consulting services, you now have the resources to handle it.

Java desktop development consulting provides you with a project strategy and advises you on how to organize the process. This way, you save precious time and spend it on what really matters.

This is most relevant when opting for agile development methodology. Here at Gravum, we understand the vital importance of time to market these days. Leaning towards consulting services, you ensure your Java mobile development time-effectiveness.

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2. Technology Stack Choice: Select Once, Benefit Forever

Which framework suits your project the best? Is it Spring, Struts, or JSF? The answer is – it depends. It depends on your project requirements, budget, and estimated development time.

Of course, it can be not enough for developer teams with little or no management and architecture experience whatsoever. This is when technology consulting comes in handy.

You see, Java web programming is not only about writing Java code today anymore. It is also about rational technology choice. For instance, using scientific-oriented technology for desktop gaming software and vice versa won’t work well. You’ll meet the issues leading to the expenses that won’t recoup the money saved on the technology consulting. With that said, don’t skimp on your Java web programming.

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3. Ongoing Projects Enhancements: Refine Your Existing Software

One more advantage your company obtains when uses quality Java development consulting services is improving the current projects, applications, tools, plugins, and other software. Our Gravum marketers know why companies look surprised when you offer the improvement of existing solutions. “But they work just fine” – our Java desktop development specialists often hear – “why we need to improve them”.

Here’s the thing: no matter how refined the application looks, there is always room for improvement. The whole problem is to find that software product element that needs refactoring. And this is what development consulting experts do best.

Bear in mind that enhancing current projects is as essential as planning the development of future ones.

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Java Development Consulting Services: How To Choose Your Service Provider

Development consulting is professional recommendations and advice on the development strategy, process, and lifecycle. Therefore, you should be sure about the service provider’s expertise. Otherwise, their advice can only hurt your business.

Here are some tips on identifying the most suitable service supplier for you:

  • –°onduct a thorough study of the company’s past experience. People can make things up. This means you should to double-check the information;
  • Look for ones ready for challenges. Highly motivated service providers are not afraid of rising a challenge and are always open to project terms compromises;
  • Interview your candidates. As you narrow down your list to 2-5 companies, have a video or voice call with them. Direct communication usually helps to establish trust and understand your contractor better.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are planning on Java desktop development, or want to go mobile – spend some time to research the development consulting market. Implement the tips listed above to pick the most suitable contractor for you.

If you are looking for high-quality Java development consulting services, reach out to Gravum consulting specialists. We always deliver satisfying results and strive to bring the best Java development consulting services on the market.