List of Top 5 Software Development Outsourcing Companies in 2020

The global outsourcing market was estimated to be 85.6 billion US dollars in 2019 and it’s only growing further. Why do businesses opt for outsourcing? It enables cost optimization and makes the business more efficient and effective. Did you know that almost 59% of companies outsource their IT projects to cut costs? Software developers master the process of transmuting data into a methodical structure for a product. So, if you need to manage complex development projects to expand your business, you will surely need the right partner for your requirements and someone who fits your budget.

So, take advantage from the top software development outsourcing companies’ expertise, knowledge, and cost-effective services. Here is a list of the five best software development companies you can review and consult. Read through what they do best, what they bring to the table and then find the best fit for your business.

1. Gravum:

Marking its presence in Estonia, Ukraine, and Lithuania, this software development company offers an array of outsourcing services, be it technology consulting, or full-cycle custom software development. Gravum is committed and takes a fresh approach while following its clients’ business goals. Providing a big range of development services like mobile app development, web design, web development, and technology consulting, the team carries expertise and experience in both native as well as cross-platform technologies. They also offer eCommerce development, enterprise software development, .Net development, PHP development, and AR/VR. What’s more? You don’t need to worry about a huge cost too! Gravum always strikes the right balance in price, quality of the deliverables, and project requirements. Be rest assured of the best solution for your specific challenge in mobile app development.

Gravum specializes in offering fintech, Internet of Things (IoT), gamification, cloud, embedded, and blockchain solutions. They use agile methodology in the development process and have milestones such as the planning phase, development, testing, and review phase to make an effective feedback loop to ensure meeting client expectations. They boast of a client base of renowned companies like, Turkcell, PLUGGD,, Hackspace, Thumbtack Trelleborg, and AnatomyNext. Their featured portfolio is called the AR Fitting Room, which is a virtual fitting room allowing users to opt for the clothes they like and even try them out virtually. Built on the most cutting-edge and sophisticated technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Microsoft Kinect, the customers can see themselves on-screen in a 3D image while wearing the dress they choose.


The feather in the cap for this top software agency based out of Lisbon, Milan, and London is its award-winning product. This agency is committed to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders globally to disrupt their industries. The team is a blend of ex-startup founders and some of the best talent in UX/UI, Product, Machine and Deep Learning, and Software development. They got together with one goal – to introduce a lean and user-centric approach in managing product innovation or software development. offers end-to-end IT services in Web, Cloud, and Mobile – starting from commencement, UX/UI design, development to the last stage of software deployment. Their featured portfolio is known as Audapio, in which Saas leverages the open banking framework for facilitating enhanced audit quality. This 100% digital solution has on demand and completely secure access to all bank statements along with a third-party evidence. An algorithm helps to audit 100% of the population in a portion of the time and with more accuracy.

3. VironIT:

A top-ranking outsourcing software development company that primarily aims at delivering wing-to-wing software development services. Their core areas of expertise lie in developing mobile applications, business software solutions, web-oriented software products, software updating, integration, support, and maintenance of developed applications. Having successfully delivered over 500 successful projects and servicing 300 plus high-profile organizations in Marketing, eHealth, Banking, Retail, Sports, Gaming, and other industries, their clients vary from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies based in North America and Western Europe.

A team of 100+ seasoned specialists, engineers, software developers, and scientists having expertise in various technical domains. The team members have a bachelor’s or master’s degrees majoring in sciences and carry rich experience in software development. Having developed software for Thumbtack Trelleborg,,, and Turkcell, VironIT’s team is aware of all the characteristics of designing successful software across industries. 

4.  NOI Technologies:

An ERP Software Development company offering a wide range of ERP solutions in various frameworks like Moqui, Apache OfBiz, Java, Angular JS, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, React Native, React JS, Android, and future technologies. After achieving the no. of 50+ satisfied customers in a short span of time the company has recently launched its new products SalDist omnichannel B2B solution, SalDist Point Of Sale, SalDist eCommerce mob + web app, and SalDist back-office ERP. Aside from its robust and easy-to-use tools and software, NOI Technologies offers cost-efficient plans for growing businesses. There is also available a paid consultation with business experts for guidance on how to effectively utilize the ERP software to scale your business.

Software Development Outsourcing Company 2020

5. Enbraun:

This software product organization has gained a lot of limelight with its cutting-edge flagship software ‘eResource Scheduler’ (eRS). A cloud-based multi-user resource management software, eRS is used by various mid-sized and big organizations to effectively profile, find, and schedule their resources (both human and non-human) on multiple projects to maximize resource utilization and ensure successful project delivery.

Available in both cloud and installed versions, this software boasts of highly configurable fields, views, and forms. With effortless drag and drop scheduling and visual and comprehensive dashboards, detailed utilization and availability reports, it’s very easy to grant flexible user access rights to multiple people in the hierarchy. The software’s fast performance and robust architecture make it a great choice for streamlining business operations.

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