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We think of React development services when it comes to cost-effective cross-platform development. To be precise, we think of React Native. Here at Gravum, our experts understand why: we all strive for swift development cycles and the best performance possible, and React Native seems to be a good fit.

However, there are always two sides to the coin, and this cross-platform framework isn’t an exception. Let’s find out how React Native works and discover the business cases this technology suits perfectly.

React Development Process: Why People Lean Towards React Native In The First Place

React Native is the cross-platform development framework. And this explains such an interest in this technology. You develop your app for one platform while also getting the solution for all other devices. It’s efficient, it’s convenient, it’s cost-effective.

Reactive Native: How It Works

In a nutshell, React Native uses reusable native components as its building blocks for your application. This way, the framework can compile to native binaries. This way, React Native comes really close to becoming, well, native.

At the same time, this technology can’t boast of an entire platform functionality coverage for both Android and IOS. With that said, you shouldn’t expect to build an app with react native and obtain all native features of the mobile OS. Getting all at once is quite unrealistic.

On balance, when you plan to order software development outsourcing services, think of this: React Native is the way to accelerate the development cycle and reduce costs, not to expand your functional capabilities.

React Native App Development: When You Should Opt For React Development

Now that you know how React Native works, let’s figure out how to implement the strengths and level the drawbacks of this framework. Let’s discover 3 business cases when you should use React Native in your project.

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1. Your Project Doesn’t Rely Too Much On Native API

If you don’t plan on using the ARKit for IOS and or any sophisticated native platform feature of Android, React Native may be a decent choice. Here’s the thing: all React development companies are limited by the functionality RN exposes, and therefore cannot realize the full capabilities of the native alternative.

On the whole, you can count on React Native, if your app doesn’t need any complex mobile hardware manipulation techniques.

2. You Want The Same App Behavior On All Platforms

Now, before you say anything, we understand the division into two camps: the ones who insist on native platform behavior and the ones striving for the holistic UI approach. However, this is not the point. What matters is, React Native is perfect for projects keeping the user interface identical on all platforms. However, it’s not the best choice when you want some platform-specific elements.

You see, when you build an app with react native, you get exactly the same app for all platforms you can imagine. It will look exactly alike on any device. Let’s look at the situation from both sides:

  • UI and layout are stable. You get literally the same user experience on all platforms;
  • UI elements may be irrelevant to some platforms. Users are used to a particular set of native elements, and bringing the ones from another OS may not be the best user experience impact.

Taking these points into consideration, if you need a holistic UI layout, use React Native, create app that will bring the same user experience on all platforms.

React Development services Gravum3. Your Project Is On a Really Tight Budget

We’ve all been there. Unrealistic budget planning often leads to immense struggles to cope with the situation. This is where React Native comes in handy.

The thing is, RN is a rapid way to develop your mobile app. It’s the way to cover all mobile platforms by creating 1 codebase. This approach reduces the total costs substantially. This means React Native is a relevant choice for cost-effective solutions.

The Bottom Line

Don’t consider React Native or any other development technology as the only option for you. Frameworks are tools that help us make an IT-industry a better place. Choose wisely and your success will be only a matter of time.

If you are looking for software development outsourcing, drop us a line. Gravum always strives for excellence and provides quality React development services for all our customers.