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Top 7 Software Development Methodologies To Choose From

Software Development Methodologies To Choose From

Software development companies across the world today work with extreme precision to successfully deliver great products. Accomplishing this requires a high level of planning, process development, and refined software development techniques.  The IT industry has built and consistently refined these software development methodologies over the years through failures, experiences, and…

Reasons To Outsource Software Development To Ukraine

Software Development Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons To Ousource To Ukraine. Gravum? photo

According to consulting companies, IT magazines, and experts, Ukraine is considered to be the best place for software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe. It also ranks 4th in the world by the number of technical specialists. Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and other IT giants choose Ukraine as their destination for software…

3 Ways A Cloud Provider Can Help Your Business In Covid-19

Ways A Cloud Provider Can Help Your Business

Bullet-proof Your Business With Smart Cloud Solutions  A viable mitigation plan is a crucial part of the business agenda of any business. Determining the business risks and the possible action plans to counteract the intensity of a disaster has been very challenging. It has even tripled up to speak in…

Tips on Picking The Best Web Development Tools

Web development tools Gravum photo

Modern web development tools are far beyond the traditional HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript stack. Web app development now is a much more sophisticated process requiring numerous technologies involved to keep it viable. This is why the web technology stack issue arises. Here are the cutting-edge web technologies to date….

CRM Solutions For Finance: Ideas, Trends, And Prospects

Finance CRM Solutions

CRM solutions in the finance industry are different. Because they don’t work on standard direct exchange aka ‘pay-for product’ or ‘pay-for-services’, they require more complex solutions. Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and funds – all of them function as stewards of customers’ assets, and, thus, should optimize each internal operation…

What are Route Guards, Pre-loads and Lazy-loading in Angular?

What are Route Guards, Pre-loads and Lazy-loading in Angular?

Angular comes with a bunch of inbuilt features, which can be used fully to provide authentication, boost your application’s page, loading speed, etc. In this blog, we will be going to cover few angular components which will help you in improving user experience by enhancing the bootstrap and startup process….

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Software Development Outsourcing

10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Software Development Outsourcing

Software development companies depend on IT teams heavily. Indeed, your internal developers are the heart and soul of your business. However, sometimes the workflow becomes too intense and you need someone second-guessed to rely on. Also, there are projects that seem to be too costly when done in-house. At this…

Top Business Apps During the Pandemic

Discover New Business Opportunities with eCommerce Mobile Apps

On top of people’s health worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has also affected the global economy. Business owners are forced to adapt to the pandemic conditions, optimizing practices and workflows. Most have already implemented significant operational changes and continue to develop new strategies. Read also: Top Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs to…